VoM Feb 2014


Our volunteers are an integral part of what makes both of our centers run efficiently.  We offer 17 weekly classes along with ongoing series, daylong classes, special events, fundraising events, sangha socials and more. How would we manage all of this without these special people?

Because we honor the generosity that the volunteers bring to our sangha we are going to spotlight two volunteers every month, one from ATS Santa Monica and one from ATS Melrose.


Pete Grella – Melrose


I am really honored to be named volunteer of the month.  For the past year or so I have been editing podcasts and occasionally helping maintain the Against the Stream website. It is a real pleasure to be editing the podcasts, because I learn about the dharma as I am doing it, and it is very beneficial to me.

 I also occasionally see a post on Facebook from somebody who benefited from a talk I edited, and that’s the best thing of all, that my work is helping other people’s lives. Another thing I have done is create the webpage for the volunteer of the month, so maybe I’ll have the narcissistic thrill of creating the webpage for this month.  


Jason Ryterband – Santa Monica

I’ve been coming to Against The Stream since the fall of 2011, and ATS is the reason I have a spiritual practice.  Without this sangha, I wouldn’t have had the understanding or the accountability to get started.  It is a joy and an honor to volunteer, to host, to sweep, to have a key.  To feel like part of a family, and to care for the center like a home.

Thank you so much Pete and Jason for your generosity and service to Against the Stream

For those of you who are reading this I encourage you to express your gratitude to Pete and Jason the next time you see them.


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