VoM November 2014

Reece Camp Carter – Santa Monica

Three years ago I arrived at Against the Stream unknowingly on a gurney. I was so used to the delusion and running from pain that I hadn’t notice that I was crippled. Although I thought I was a master of keeping my outside presentable, this mask quickly faded. I saw the way things really are happening as soon as I sat on the cushion. All I ever wanted was the truth and the more I sat the clearer it became. I now know who I am, and I get to work on standing in my truth. I am supported in my practice as a scholarships recipient, and through people who are fans of me.
As a volunteer I clean the center once a week (minus the bathrooms). ATS is a quiet and safe place for me when the rest of the world doesn’t seem yet to be. On retreats when I’m suffering from old trauma the best way for me to get back into my body and present time awareness, is to take on a job. Volunteer is taking that practice out into the world and it has the same effect. Cleaning the center has saved me from the bad neighborhood of my head on Saturday nights when I was in a reckless mood. I just come here get quiet, get active, and build to self-esteem through estimable acts. Thank you for allowing me to practice when I’m off the cushion.

Laurie Barre – Melrose

I started coming to ATS about 5 years ago. After having explored various Buddhist traditions for a few years, I found that Theravada resonated most for me. I was very happy when I found ATS, with its inspiring teachers and welcoming vibe. It felt like I had found a home.

I started volunteering shortly thereafter, just wanting to help out in any way I could. I feel grateful and honored to be able to play a small role in helping such a vitally important and wonderful organization. The existence of ATS brought to life for me the Buddha’s words regarding the importance of the sangha as one of the three refuges. I am so grateful for ATS!