White Allies for Social Justice

with Frank Baird

The First Sunday of Each Month

12:45pm – 1:45pm (right after POC/Allies)


We invite all white people who want to ally and advocate for a more inclusive Sangha and socially just world to join this monthly group. We are dedicated to making visible and changing the systems in which unearned privilege accrues to white people. As white practitioners of Buddha Dharma, we recognize the opportunity and obligation we have to awaken and act to transform our white racial conditioning to reduce the suffering that is the direct result of these systems and our participation in them.

Practicing mindfulness and compassion in these crucial and difficult efforts, we are committed to supporting one another to better understand the ways we have been recruited into and conditioned by these systems. We are dedicated to developing more wholesome and equitable ways of being in our Sangha and the world. We will engage in socially just right speech and right action whenever we see the need and we will see the need more regularly as we awaken more fully.

This group will help and support each of us in these important efforts.

All are welcome along the spectrum of understanding and acceptance. This is a protected place to us to express fear and confusion and ask questions and explore. Our goal is to begin and engage in conversations that can lead to our being more intentional about the effects of our presence in the world. Stumbling is inevitable. Join us and learn to be more skillful, more effective, and more just.

Drop in class, by donation.

4300 Melrose, Los Angeles, CA.