Who Am I?



Who Am I?

Shinzen Young’s: Five Ways to Know Yourself

as a Spiritual Being


A Five Class Series with George Haas
Starts Wednesday June 24

7:15 – 9:15pm in Santa Monica


The Buddha taught that suffering arises because we identify with or cling to the five aggregates, or ways we our experience ourselves and the world: form, feeling, perceptions, will and consciousness.  That is to say, we get stuck believing we know who we are (and then act accordingly). 


The Buddha taught that the way out of suffering is to let go of our attachment to this identification – that ultimate freedom is realized by deeply penetrating the intrinsically empty nature of all the aggregates. Great, happy to do it – just one question – exactly how does a person go about doing that? 


This five-week course teaches you how, using Shinzen Young’s Five Ways to Know Yourself as a Spiritual Being.  One a week.  Simple and easy-to-do meditation techniques drawn from the 5 aggregates, and designed to relieve the suffering associated with attachment, while at the same time deepening satisfaction we feel as our insight into the empty nature of all experience grows. 


This class is appropriate for beginning as well as experienced meditators.


George Haas began his path with a period of light-weight spiritual seeking (and heavy-duty drug and alcohol use).  In 1978, he began a serious exploration of the 11th step of the 12-Step tradition, working primarily with concentration to reduce the anxiety of living sober.  In an effort to make sense out of, and live with, the mounting AIDS deaths of the 1980s, Mr. Haas began walking the Red Road and reading Buddhist texts.  The idea of finding a good teacher began to make sense but initial forays proved fruitless, and Mr. Haas preferred the identity of a Dharma orphan.  Moving to Los Angeles from Manhattan in 1992, Mr. Haas began sitting vipassana at Ordinary Dharma, and reading extensively.  In 1998, he began study with his current teacher, Shinzen Young, and Vipassana Support International, where he was able to (slowly) let go of his identity of a Dharma orphan.  Mr. Haas has been teaching meditation in Los Angeles since 2000.


Cost: $100.


Reg Fees

Scholarships are available, please call or write.


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This class will be held at 1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA