Clear Seeing, Wise Response: Wisdom in Daily Life

A Daylong Retreat and Workshop with Cheryl Slean and Jennifer Carson 

October 29, 2016

10am – 4pm 



One of the most common questions dharma teachers hear asked by practitioners is—how do I know what to do? What is the wisest response to this challenging life situation? How do I know which choice to make when managing day-to-day dilemmas, and when making more longterm decisions in relationships, in jobs, taking action for social change and in other areas of life? The good news is, a diligent and skillful dharma practice will reliably reveal the Middle Way of wisdom—the still, quiet voice of the heart that creatively, appropriately and compassionately responds. Intuitive wisdom can become our unfailing guide and the antidote to confusion, anxiety, craving and the painful vacillation of doubt. We simply need to learn to let go of the stratagems and obsessions that block access to our hearts, our “guts,” our core values and conscience, and trust in the natural unfoldment of insight. It’s easier said than done, but it’s do-able nonetheless!

This daylong retreat and workshop will offer meditation practices, reflections, exercises and group process to help access and explore the voice of wisdom that’s inside us all. We’ll learn to experientially recognize the difference between craving and wholesome desire, and experiment with different “ways in” to our heart of hearts. Together we’ll learn skills that, with practice, can help us more reliably access compassionate wisdom and more effectively resolve life’s inevitable dilemmas.

COST: Sliding Scale: $35 – $75, plus an offering of dana to the teacher. Please pay at the highest level you can afford to support our programs and pay it forward for those who have less.

Scholarships and work-study are available. No is turned away for lack of funds.

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Cheryl Slean has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1995. She was authorized to teach in 2007 and has offered mindfulness meditation and dharma at many venues including Seattle Insight, Against the Stream, Michael’s House, Refuge Recovery, Mindful Schools, Swedish Hospital, Santa Monica Hospital and Insight Community of the Desert. She’s received teacher training from Rodney Smith, Noah Levine and the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). Cheryl is also a writer, filmmaker and educator working in the arts and sustainability, and is executive producer of VisionLA, Climate Action Arts Festival.

Jennifer Carson has practiced meditation intensively since 2001, including about 250 days spent in silent retreat. In 2006, she completed the two-year Dedicated Practitioners Program of concentrated Buddhist study and practice through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In 2008, she founded the sitting group that has become Stillpoint LA ( She also holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics, teaches college physics, and recently completed her first novel.

This class will be held at 4300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA  90029. Click on the address for info on parking around the Melrose Center.